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About Us

About Us

Arc-Angel Battery LLC is a battery business that prides itself on quality high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4). We originally started into this business because of a passion for batteries, we truly want the best for consumers!

At, Arc-Angel Battery, we are committed to quality that is why we maximize the: Power Density, Energy Density, Cold Cranking Amps(CCA), Capacity, Battery Life(10 Years), and Reserve Capacity in our batteries all while building them with a process unique to our company to ensure they are the best in the industry, but the story doesn't end there. At, Arc-Angel Battery, we pride ourselves in having the most American made material in the LiFEPO4 car battery market, and we are constantly striving toward our overarching goal of being 100% made in the USA. 

The Lithium technology used allows our Batteries to be some of the lightest weight batteries in the industry, they are in fact about half the weight of conventional (AGM or Lead Acid) batteries. In particular racers will appreciate the lightweight attributes of the battery, as will anyone who has ever installed a heavy conventional battery in a vehicle.

Superior technology, long life, and affordable power what more could you ask for!     

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