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Return & Warranty Policy

Return & Warranty Policy


In the event of a defective or improperly functioning battery within the 10 year warranty period please send the battery back. As long as the battery falls under the listed terms and conditions available upon request, then the battery will be fully protected by the 10 year warranty. The consumer will be responsible for return shipping, once received we will issue a refund for the shipping and send a new battery back. The new warranty will start on the date you receive it and will be prorated based on how long you had the previous battery. So if you had the battery for 1 years you would have a 9 year warranty left on the new battery.


In the case you wish to return the battery for any reason then please inform us within 30 days and we will process the return as soon as possible. Please note that if the battery is damaged, modified, or not returned within the 30 day window the purchased battery is not eligible for a return.

• All shipping of return items and replacement items are the customer's responsibility.  

• Arc-Angel Battery's   warranties are non-transferable. Warranties are meant for the original customer only. If the item is resold from the original purchaser to any other buyer (i.e. eBay, forums, in a vehicle, etc.) no warranty is available.

• Warranty is a guarantee against manufacturer defects and any abuse will void warranty see below for more detail.

• Shipping your battery back to Arc-Angel Battery   without the proper paperwork may lead to the loss of your item and/or the denial of your warranty claim.

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